Everything Hub Unleashed

Unlock the hidden power of The Everything Hub.

Unique Content Modes

With the flip of a switch, you can completely change the layout.

Expanding Horizons

View the the dashboard menu in a completely new way. Show off your shiny subscription by rocking the new Expanded mode.

Music in a new look.

Collections display in Grid Mode, which uses the new 'Zipper' animation. This animation pulls views from the corners to give the illusion that the music grid is zipping up.

Stay safe and informed

Drive mode displays your notifications in an elegant manner that's better than most lock screens. Swipe left to open a notification, right to dismiss it, and drag it to change it's position in the list.


The app automatically bundles your music into artist collections. These can come in handy when you have alot of music.

Limitless playback

Enjoy your choice of music time and time again. These are my perception of how music playlists should work. The three items at the bottom are collections. Click on the play button or the card to the left to play that collection. Skip scrolling to the bottom! 1.6.6 introduces the menu option for collections in the music list.

You're in control

Get a general idea of which songs are in your collections with this auto-grid. Long click any cluster to delete a collection.

Remove and Sort

Swipe to remove a song. If you aren't happy with the order, simply long click and drag up or down to move it. Click a song to preview it.

Special Access

Changing song title and author

Not happy with the song title or author? With The Eveything Hub Pro, you can change them.

Which one's are 'fake'?

Answer: They all are.

All of the songs in the screenshot have 'Phoney' titles and authors. You wouldn't notice a difference in the way the app reads them.

How do I know if i'm getting the most of my subscription?

The E-User branch is all about you! It tells you all sorts off neat things like how many songs you have, how much space your music and artist art take up, and many other amazing things like a loose grade on how much you've used your unlock. Can you beat 100%?